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The World is Beautiful with Colors
About the Book

Nate is a very curious, intelligent and independent little boy who is fascinated and inspired by all the beautiful colors in the world, which sparks his imagination. This charming and delightful story is about Nate's magical, funny, and colorful adventure on his very first day of school, starting with magically changing colors and figuring it out with his pleasantly surprised mom. This unique book not only takes young readers on a joyfully exciting adventure, but also inspires and educates them on essential life lessons and conveys a very powerful and positive message. A must-have book in every school and in every child's hand, this book is a precious gift to all the children in the world.

About the book

A Poem for Every night

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The World is beautiful with Colors is an excellent book and I loved the message. In this book, we meet Nate. He is curious, intelligent, and independent. He is fascinated and inspired by all the beautiful colors in the world, sparking his imagination. We join Nate for his first day of school and are taken on funny, colorful adventure. I loved the unique spin this book took and am over the moon excited to find more books taking on powerful messages combined with adventures intended to educate and inspire young readers to be accepting of everyone. The cast of characters are delightful. Right away, you can see that Nate is raised by loving parents who have taught him to love deeply and to see people for who they, not what they look like. The illustrations add depth to the story and are complimentary. I highly recommend this book to teachers, librarians, and parents. I could see this book read repeatedly! I look forward to reading more from this author.

This book, " The World is Beautiful with Colors, is an adorably fun, inspiring, encouraging children's read filled with strong diversity and inclusiveness elements. This book portrays many important, valuable life lessons and morals that are sure to teach, inspire, and resonate with young readers. This story follows a young, curious, silly, adventurous boy, Nate, who spends his morning experimenting with changing the colors of his face. By spending too much time in the shower his face turns red; by drinking too much cold milk his face turns white; by rubbing blackberries on his face, his face turns black, etc. Nate lets his imagination run wild as he experiences the different colors of the rainbow and embraces the beauty of all the different shades people can be. This book tells a beautiful story promoting acceptance, diversity, and inclusiveness in a unique, fun, and easy to understand format that all readers will be able to grasp, enjoy, and follow along with. This book is filled with beautiful, bright, vibrant, colorful illustrations that young readers are sure to enjoy!!

Review of The World is Beautiful with Colors By Stephanie Elizabeth "The World is Beautiful with Colors* by Shriyanie Fernando. There is nothing better than color. Nate loves colorful food and the varying shades of Leaves in autumn. Also, he notices that people come in all different colors, too! When his parents drop him off on his first day of school, Nate is a little nervous but is quickly distracted by all the beautiful colors. What will he learn at school today? The World is Beautiful with colors by Shriyanie Fernando is a charming story for children that emphasizes the inclusion of all races and ethnicities in an age-appropriate manner. The story takes on the third-person perspective and follows Nate, a wonderfully curious boy, as he explores the world of color. There were many things to love about the story, but my favorite was the beautiful message. Children are curious creatures, and little Nate was no exception. I loved how he learned about equality through positive affirmations expressed by his mother and the teacher. His parents allowed him to learn through humor and creativity at home. Nate’s taught an engaging lesson about fruits and vegetables of all different colors and connected that with the diversity in shades of each student. Another thing I enjoyed was the vibrant illustrations throughout. Rich colors and joyful faces grace every page and will quickly reel children into the story. Furthermore, the font was a child-friendly size, and the length of each paragraph wasn’t overwhelming, making it simple for a young reader to follow along with the help of a parent or caregiver. There wasn't anything to dislike about the story, and it was professionally edited. I am delighted to give the World is Beautiful with Colors a rating of 4 out 4 stars because of its strong message of inclusivity and eye-catching pictures. I would recommend this book tom parents who want to teach their children about the diverse world they live in and encourage connectedness. The book would also be useful in a classroom setting. The World is Beautiful with Colors.

This is a great book to teach young children about diversity and the importance of being respectful no matter what skin color you are. Beautiful illustrations to engage young readers to teach them about living in a multicultural society! Thank you for sharing your writing with us all 🙂

A Must-Read Book for Our Future Generation. This book needs to be in every school and in every child's hand. Absolutely beautiful book to teach children there is beauty in diversity, and to respect each other in a multicultural society.

Such a beautifully written book! My children loved it. Highly recommended Loved this book for my kiddos. Such a sweet message and an easy read for them.

This Book is very inspirational. It should be in every school. I loved the story and it reminded us how beautiful we all are.

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About the Author

Author Shriyanie FernandoShriyanie Fernando lives in Toronto, Canada near the beautiful Lake Ontario with her family.
She is an A.M.I. Montessori educator who has worked directly with young children for many years. She was the founder of two Montessori schools and the AMI Montessori Consultant to Green Nest Children’s Foundation.
She now writes full-time to inspire and educate children around the world with her unique blend of knowledge and expertise.